On December 20th, 2019, the President of the United States signed legislation amending the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and raising the federal minimum age of sale of tobacco products from 18 to 21 years.

To help protect agains the fines and other consequences associated with selling these products to a minor, we have implemented software which will usually verify your age using publicly available information.  If you are asked for your age, please be honest.  Delosi® Labs and its employees do not see this information but it is needed to determine your record from others that may be similar but with wildly ranging ages.

In the event that even a birthday doesn't resolve the check you will be asked to send a copy of your photo ID which you can do right from your phone.

Understanding this process, you can see why your Billing information must match the name on the card and the photo ID (if required) otherwise the system will not allow you to move-on to checkout.

We rely on this software and have no influence or over-rides to it.

The good news is once verified, you should never be bothered with it again; Unless you change your address and name.