There are a few common reasons this can happen.

  1. The billing information does not match what your bank has on file.  This is most common when you live at 123 Main St and then move to 456 Side St.  If you use your new address without updating it with your bank, the card transaction can fail.  Until you update your bank with 456 Side St, you must use your order address of 123 Main St.
  2. Double-check that you entered the card information correctly; Especially if you use any kind of auto-fill (you may have had a typo when you saved it in auto-fill). Manually enter your card details and if it works, double-check your saved card details in auto-fill.
  3. Are you using your partners card but put your information in the checkout field?  This can be especially troublesome if you are buying FDA Regulated products like nicotine which also requires an age verification check.
  4. Sometimes, it is your card issuer.  If you have checked that everything is correct, please contact us by creating a ticket and we will check.  If the decline message is "Card declined by issuer.  Contact issuer..." then you will have to contact the bank or card issuer to resolve it.