There are many reasons this can happen.

Usually it is because there is incorrect information in the address of the order and our attempts to contact the customer via email or phone/text go unanswered. In this situation, we simply cannot ship the order because the order address is not able to be validated by the USPS database and as such will get returned if shipped, resulting in a bad customer experience as well as loss of funds for the shipping service.

It is also possible that the order details did not pass our fraud software checks. This does not mean we think you are trying to be fraudulent, it simply means that the information in the order did not pass the software used to guarantee the order in the event of a bad transaction.

We do not ship any order that is not guaranteed and rely on the software to mitigate the risks of fraudulent orders.

Sometimes, there are orders flagged when they shouldn't be but that is usually related to using VPN or public WiFi while placing the order. Fraudsters place orders on those networks then when legitimate customers use VPN or public WiFi they get flagged because they end up using the same IP addresses.

If your order was flagged and refunded, try to reorder using a direct connection to our site. Each order connection is encrypted using SHA-256 with RSA Encryption and we do not retain any credit card information other than the last 4 digits of the card. When placing the order details, please use as much real, identifiable information as possible on each order (real email with age not a new Hotmail, real contact phone number, etc.) as it helps if we need to contact you and will help approve any orders that may have only one piece of disqualifying information like a known bad IP address. Correct, true details help our software properly evaluate the order.

Our policy is to only process and ship order that have had their data verified and confirmed.