Typically, your package should reach you within 1-5 business days after placing an order, depending on the carrier and shipping method chosen during checkout.  

USPS Priority Mail estimates 1-3 business days (M-F, excluding holidays) AFTER the shipment is picked up. UPS can be 1-5 business days AFTER the day the shipment is picked up.  The closer you are to FL, the shorter the delivery day estimation. 

In case you want your order to reach you within three days or less, then you select the fast delivery option before placing your order. 

We offer several different shipping options and each one has its advantages. USPS First Class mail is the cheapest but also the slowest and generally runs about 1 day behind USPS Priority Mail. USPS only estimates delivery dates and they are not guaranteed. However, most First Class mail delivers in 3-5 business days and USPS Priority delivers in 1-3 business days after the shipments are picked up. 

This means if you order on Monday and the order ships on Tuesday you would get it Thursday if your estimated date is 2-Day USPS. The day the carrier picks up does not count in the estimated delivery date.