To set up payment channels on your account,

  • Click the Account (person icon) from the top menu bar.

  • Click the payment methods option.
  • Click the '+' icon and fill in the required details and address information the bank or card issuer has on file.  Remember to update this information if you change it with the bank or a declined transaction could result during checkout.

  • After you’ve added the details, click the blue Save Payment Method Botton at the bottom right of the form field.
  • Your payment method is now added to your account and will be available during checkout.

  • During checkout you have the option to use any store credits if available or to use the stored payment method you just added.  

*Notice: Delosi® Labs and its employees do NOT have access to your credit card information and it is not stored on our website servers.  The information is encrypted and tokenized with the payment gateway and only the hashed and salted token resides on our site.

Tip: You can always come back and add more payment options or edit/delete them, by following the same steps.